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L.A. Style James Brown Is Dead 1992 Techno CD
L.S.G. Volume Two Superstition 1996 Electronic CD
Christopher Lawrence Exposure IV 2002 Trance CD
Christopher Lawrence Rise 1997 CD
Christopher Lawrence Temptation 1999 Trance CD
Christopher Lawrence United States Of Trance 2001 Trance CD
Leftfield Leftism 1995 House CD
Leftfield Rhythm and Stealth 1999 Electronic CD
The Lemonheads Come On Feel The Lemonheads 1993 Alternative CD
Linkin Park [Hybrid Theory] 2000 Metal CD
Linkin Park Meteora 2003 Rock CD
Linkin Park Reanimation 2002 Rock CD
Lionrock An Instinct For Detection 1995 Electronic CD
Live Throwing Copper 1994 Rock CD
Longwave There's A Fire EP 2005 Rock CD
Traci Lords 1000 Fires 1995 Psychedelic CD
Lost 'N' Alive Funky People (Funky Nassau) 2000 House CD
Lost Witness Did I Dream (Song Of The Siren) 2001 Trance CD
Jimmy van M Bedrock 2001 Trance CD
M.I.A. Arular - XL 2005 Hip Hop CD
Timo Maas Connected [CD 1] 2001 Trance CD
Machines of Loving Grace Concentration 1993 Rock CD
Machines of Loving Grace Rite of Shiva 1991 Rock CD
Madonna Die Another Day (CD5 Maxi-Single) 2002 House CD
Madonna Frozen [4 Track Single] 1998 Pop CD
Madonna Ray Of Light 1998 Pop CD
Madonna Ray Of Light (French CD 2 Single) 1998 Dance CD
Madonna Ray Of Light [Maxi-Single] 1998 Electronic CD
J Majik Infrastructure 2001 Drum & Bass CD
J Majik Mixer Presents J Majik Drum N Bass Mix 2001 Drum & Bass CD
J Majik
Kathy Brown
Love Is Not a Game 2001 Drum & Bass CD
Major League Wonder? / Wonder W 2001 misc CD
Marilyn Manson Lest We Forget (The Best Of) 2004 Industrial CD
DJ Marky DJ Magazine Presents V Recordings - A History Lesson CD
Bob Marley vs Funkstar De Luxe Sun is Shining 1999 Dance CD
Bob Marley Sun is Shining (The Remixes) CD
Doc Martin Flammable Liquid 1994 Trance CD
Massive Attack 100th Window 2003 Trip-Hop CD
Massive Attack Mezzanine 1998 Trip-Hop CD
Massive Attack No Protection: Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor 1994 Trip-Hop CD
Massive Attack Protection 1994 misc CD
Massive Attack Teardrop 1998 Trip-Hop CD
Massive Attack Teardrop (Promo) 1998 Trip-Hop CD
Sarah McLachlan Bloom Remix Album 2005 Alternative CD
Sarah McLachlan Fumbling Towards Ecstasy 1993 Rock CD
Sarah McLachlan Remixed 2001 House CD
Sarah McLachlan Surfacing 1997 misc CD
Sarah McLachlan Sweet Surrender 1998 Alternative CD
Sarah McLachlan Sweet Surrender Club Remixes 2001 Club CD
Sarah McLachlan The Freedom Sessions 1995 Rock CD
Meat Puppets Too High To Die 1994 Rock CD
Medicine Drum Talking Stick 1999 Trance CD
Mellow Trax Outa Space 2000 Dance CD
Mentallo & The Fixer Burnt Beyond Recognition 1997 Industrial CD
Mentallo & The Fixer Continuum 1995 Industrial CD
Mentallo & The Fixer No Rest for the Wicked 1998 Industrial CD
Mentallo & The Fixer Revelations 23 1993 Industrial CD
Mentallo & The Fixer Vengeance Is Mine 2001 Industrial CD
Merzbow America Salutes Merzbow 1996 CD
DJ Messiah Enter the Millennium 2000 Techno CD
DJ Micro Coast to Coast 1997 Dance CD
DJ Micro Micro-Tech-Mix 1998 Trance CD
DJ Micro The DJ Micro Blend 1998 Rave CD
Micronaut Europa 2005 Techno-Industrial CD
Micronaut Ganymede 2002 Electronic CD
Micronaut Io 2000 Electronic CD
Micronaut Micronaut 1998 Electronic CD
Mike and Rich Expert Knob Twiddlers 1995 Electronic CD
Ming + FS Applied Pressure 2000 CD
Ministry Filth Pig 1996 Industrial CD
Ministry Psalm 69 1992 Industrial CD
Ministry With Sympathy 1983 Rock CD
Kylie Minogue Can't Get You Out Of My Head 2001 Pop CD
Mixmaster Morris The Morning After 1997 Ambient CD
Moby 18 2002 Electronic CD
Moby Bodyrock 1999 CD
Moby Disk 1995 Techno CD
Moby Everything is Wrong 1995 Club CD
Moby Everything Is Wrong DJ Mix Album 1996 Electronic CD
Moby Everytime You Touch Me 1995 Dance CD
Moby Feeling So Real - Remixes 1994 Dance CD
Moby Honey - Remixes (Maxi-CD) 1998 Techno CD
Moby Honey And Run On 1999 Dance CD
Moby Next Is The E (Single) 1992 Dance CD
Moby Play 1999 Electronic CD
Moby Rare (The Collected B-Sides 1989-1993) 1996 Electronic CD
Moby South Side 2000 Techno CD
Moby Yahoo! Music Compilation CD
Mono Formica Blues 1997 Ambient CD
Mormon Tabernacle Choir Songs of Faith 1999 CD
Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik CD
Mozart Tune Your Brain With Mozart 1998 CD
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart String Quartets (Complete) Éder Quartet (Disc 8) Classical CD
Muse Absolution 2003 Alternative CD
µ-Ziq In Pine Effect 1995 Electronic CD
My Chemical Romance Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge 2004 Rock CD
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Blue Buddha CD
Billy Nasty ZOOM - progressive house volume 1. CD
Natural Born Chillers Rock the Funky Beat 1997 CD
Nine Inch Nails And All That Could Have Been 2002 Industrial CD